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When you hire Moody Law, you will be well informed, represented, and respected. All of our attorneys make themselves available to meet with clients so they can develop a professional relationship and a bond of mutual trust with each other. The Central Florida personal injury attorneys work together as a team and deal directly and openly with their clients and to achieve satisfying results in and out of the courtroom.

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Gerald: When you hire Moody Law, you're hiring our entire office. You're hiring the attorneys. You're hiring our staff, and you can be certain that we're going to deal with you directly, that we're going to take your phone calls. We're going to answer your questions. We're going to send you copies of everything that we create on your behalf, everything we file, and we're going to communicate with you on a regular basis. There will never be a time when you have to ask yourself what's going on with your case. You'll know. Daniel: We make the point here in our firm that if a client calls our office, the lawyer is available to speak with the client one-to-one. We're going to evaluate the case right over the telephone and listen to what the client has to say, and then we're going to bring the client in for an office conference. At our office conference, we're going to start to gather information. We're going to start to build our bond, our trust, our relationship with that client that will carry on throughout the client's case. What we offer and what we commit to the client is that we will do everything in our power to support the client's case, to promote the client's case, to make sure that we leave no stone unturned for the client, that we will go within the ethical bounds to make sure that the insurance company, or the jury, if it comes to that, knows everything about that case that is favorable to our client. Christopher: There are days that we live and die for as trial lawyers. Those days typically occur at a trial where we've proven our case beyond the standard that we need to. We've proven the other side responsible for the accident. We've proved our damages, and we've proved the value of the case to a jury of the people. Gerald: Here, we are one on one with the clients. We deal with them directly, and we work together as a team, and we put our own efforts into every document, every phone call. We're very responsive to the clients, and you can actually feel the difference that you're making with someone. We do a phenomenal job. We're very proud of the results we achieve.

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