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Birth injuries most often occur when a child's brain has been starved of oxygen or has sustained trauma during delivery. If you suspect your child has sustained an injury, which resulted in his or her death or the development of a birth defect, call Moody Law immediately. The lawyers will meet with you to discuss your concerns over the negligence of your healthcare provider, review pertinent medical information, and advise you on how to proceed with a lawsuit. Moody Law can represent you and your child and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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Gerald: Birth injuries, the injuries to newborn infants are a particularly challenging area of medical malpractice, medical negligence. That is because of a number of reasons. Birthing injuries, birth injuries, arise in a number of ways. Most often, the newborn infant has been deprived of oxygen, and the brain has been starved of oxygen for a number of reasons, or the infant has a bleeding condition or bleeding in the brain, which is caused by trauma that has happened either during the pregnancy or during labor and delivery. Daniel: Birth injuries are regarding a mother and child, are commonly referred to as cerebral palsy type injuries, Erb's palsy, brachial plexus type injuries that the child may suffer during the birthing process. These can be caused by any number of reasons. Usually, the healthcare provider departs from the standard of care in recognizing a mother's true symptoms and fails to act timely and appropriately with either supplying the right oxygen, supplying the right maneuver, if you will, to make sure the child is born timely. If you or a family member suspect that a child has suffered brain damage due to the negligence of a healthcare provider, then please call our firm. We'll be happy to talk to you at no cost, free of charge, and tell you what our opinion of the case is.

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