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There are a number of surgeries available to patients who have suffered a neck or spinal cord injury. Although every surgery carries some risk of complication, if a patient suffers complications due to a healthcare professional's negligence and failure to uphold the standards of surgical care that a patient is entitled to, our team can step in. The attorneys at Moody Law are dedicated to protecting the health and rights of and pursuing justice for our clients who were injured during surgery.

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There are a number of different surgeries that people get for pinched nerves or neurological conditions as a result of a neck or a spinal cord injury. If a person has a bulging or herniated disk that impinges on the spinal cord that pressure has to be relieved. It's normally relieved through a procedure called a discectomy. In a discectomy, the surgeon will actually shave or remove part of the disk that's causing the problem or impinging on the spinal cord. There are other types of procedures out there. A lot of people, particularly people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s will develop what are called bone spurs. Osteophytes, or bone spurs, grow on the edges of the bones, the edges of the vertebrae, which are square-shaped bones to begin with. As a person ages and those bones touch, because the person hyper-extends themselves, they move a certain way, every time they touch, that bone spur gets bigger and bigger and bigger, and what the body is doing is it's saying, "We don't want to touch these bones." Eventually, it gets to a point where those bone spurs cause pain because they are so large. At that point, that person may need a procedure, what's called a laminectomy. In a laminectomy, the surgeon is going to try to cut off or remove the spurs as much as possible, and see if that resolves the pain. There are other types of procedures. Another very common procedure is what's called a fusion. When a fusion is done, metal hardware and bone grafting is taken, and the bones of the spine are actually fused together as one. So they grow together, they heal together, and they become one bone and that relieves the pain and discomfort that that person had. It does come at a price of limited range of motion, but most patients under those circumstances are willing to pay that price of limited motion to relieve the pain.

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