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A brain injury sustained during the birth process can trigger epilepsy, which can leave the infant permanently disabled. If your child suffers from epilepsy and you believe medical malpractice is to blame, an epilepsy attorney at Moody Law serving Central Florida and Polk County, including Lakeland, Bartow, Winter Haven, and Haines City, can pursue justice on your behalf. The attorneys at our firm have extensive experience and a proven track record of successfully securing full compensation for victims of medical malpractice. To schedule a free legal consultation, get in touch with a member of our team today.

Understanding Epilepsy

Epileptic seizures are triggered by malfunctioning nerve cells in the brain, which cause a disruption in the normal chain of electrical communication. In some cases, a sufferer will simply appear to stare off into space with a vacant expression during a seizure, while others will experience complete loss of consciousness accompanied by violent spasms and involuntary muscle contractions. Epilepsy can develop at any age, and it is often caused by congenital brain malformation or a head trauma accident. In addition, the condition can also occur when an older adult or baby suffers a serious illness.

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Hundreds of thousands of people live with epilepsy. There is no cure, and the disorder will usually require ongoing medical care. Although the symptoms can sometimes be manageable with medication, the victim’s lifestyle can still be negatively affected in many ways and he or she may require a lifetime of special accommodations to avoid injury during a seizure. 

Birth Injury Cases Involving Epilepsy

Unfortunately, the negligent actions of medical professionals are often to blame for epilepsy. Brain damage suffered during labor or delivery is a well established cause of epilepsy in babies. This can occur if an infant is deprived of oxygen, also known as birth asphyxia, or if a vacuum extraction or forceps delivery is performed improperly. Epilepsy is also a common side effect of cerebral palsy, which refers to a number of neurological disorders that permanently affect movement and coordination. Birth injury cases involving epilepsy can often be highly complex, so it is important to choose an experienced attorney. At Moody Law, our lawyers have years of combined experience in this specific area of law and we are prepared to aggressively defend your rights. 

Birth injury cases involving epilepsy can often be highly complex, so it is important to choose an experienced attorney.

If we believe that your child's epilepsy is the direct result of medical malpractice, we will seek to hold all responsible parties liable, which can include the hospital and OB-GYN doctor. We can consult with a team of experts and use medical records to clearly demonstrate that you and your child were the victims of negligence. In cases involving epilepsy, it may be possible to obtain compensation for medical care, assistive equipment and technology, special education costs, and pain and suffering.

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The attorneys at Moody Law have assisted many families who have been victimized by negligent acts, and we have a proven record of successfully obtaining settlements and verdicts for our clients. If you believe your child's epilepsy was caused by a preventable birth injury, please contact our practice today.

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