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Aviation Accidents

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At Moody Law, our lawyers are committed to helping those persons wrongfully injured in aviation accidents. Though flying is one of the safest forms of travel, devastating accidents unfortunately still occur. If you have suffered injuries in a plane crash, or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, such as severe burns or a traumatic brain injury, our Central Florida aviation accident lawyer, Mr. Dan Moody, can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. Mr. Moody is an experienced pilot who is dedicated to upholding the standards of the aviation community and ensuring that Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations are abided by. To schedule a free consultation with our Central Florida law firm, contact an aviation accident lawyer from our offices serving Central Florida and Polk County, including Lakeland, Bartow, Winter Haven, and Haines City, today.

Aviation Accident Lawsuits

A Central Florida aviation accident lawyer from Moody Law can review your case free of charge and help determine the best way to pursue your claim. Aviation accident lawsuits typically fall into one of the following categories:

  • Wrongful Death – In the event that a loved one is killed in an aviation accident, a lawyer from our firm has the experience, knowledge, and drive needed to help you obtain the financial compensation that you deserve. This can include compensation for funerary costs, a loss of income (including future income), a loss of companionship, and pain and suffering. If it can be demonstrated that the defendant was liable for the death of your loved one, then the defendant is responsible for any and all damages that occurred.
  • Product Liability – Many aviation accidents, both commercial and private, are caused by defective equipment. If it can be shown that equipment failure or a defective plane component resulted in an aviation accident that caused injury or death, it may be possible to file a lawsuit against the liable parties. This can include the designer or the manufacturer, and in some instances, the distributor of the part.
  • Professional Negligence – Any failure by a pilot, aircraft mechanic, or other agent to take reasonable and prudent action in the course of his or her duty which results in an accident could be considered professional negligence. It may be possible to file for financial compensation from the liable party and his or her employer if it can be shown that the defendant's negligence resulted in an injurious accident.

At Moody Law, we understand that, tragically, most aviation accidents result in few or no survivors. And often, those who do survive have severe injuries that require long-term medical care. Our goal is to help ensure that you can continue the grieving process without having to worry about the legal issues of filing a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit by handling such matters ourselves. To schedule a free consultation, contact our law firm today.

Aviation Accidents

As a licensed pilot, attorney Dan Moody is committed to upholding the standards of the aviation community and enforcing FAA laws and regulations.

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Common Causes of Aviation Accidents

If a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of one of the following common causes of aviation accidents, grounds for filing a wrongful death, product liability, or professional negligence lawsuit may exist:

  • Pilot error / negligence
  • Violation of FAA regulations
  • Flight Service Station employee negligence
  • Federal Air Traffic Controller negligence
  • Equipment failure (stemming from structural and design defects or manufacturing defects)
  • Negligence in a third party’s selection of a carrier
  • Aircraft mechanic negligence (including a failure to maintain or repair the aircraft or its components and a failure to properly fuel the aircraft)
  • Facility defects (such as faulty runway or taxi lights)

Proudly serving greater Central Florida, including Lakeland and Bartow, an aviation accident lawyer from Moody Law will work tirelessly to help ensure the negligent parties are held accountable for their actions.

Frequently Asked Question about Aviation Accident Lawsuits

What is a statute of repose?

The statute of repose is similar to a statute of limitations, in that it is the time frame in which a plaintiff can legally file a claim. However, the major difference between a statute of repose and a statute of limitations is that whereas the statute of limitations begins only after an injury or the discovery of an injury has occurred, a statute of repose begins after a certain event has occurred, regardless of whether said event caused an injury or not. In regards to aviation accident lawsuits, the statute of repose would be the time period after a plane or component has been manufactured, for example, in which an individual could file a product liability claim. This time period differs depending on the jurisdiction.

Who can be held liable in an aviation accident lawsuit?

Depending on the circumstances of the aviation accident, it may be possible to file a claim against the aircraft manufacturer, the aircraft owner, third party maintenance companies, and any party that can be deemed responsible in some way for the accident. A Central Florida aviation accident lawyer from Moody Law can review your case and help determine which parties to file suit against.

Do I need an aviation accident lawyer?

Dan Moody is an experienced pilot in the state of Florida with an intimate familiarity of aviation law. In order to uphold the safety standards of the aviation community, Mr. Moody believes that negligent parties must be held accountable for their actions. Mr. Moody has the knowledge and drive needed to help maximize your chances of obtaining just and fair financial compensation if you or a loved one has been involved in an aviation accident. To schedule a free consultation with a Central Florida aviation accident lawyer, contact our Lakeland and Bartow offices today.

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