September 2012 Blog Posts

$300,000.00 Medical Malpractice - Hospital Fall Injury

thefirm Sep 30, 2012

Claim was made against a hospital nursing staff for permitting an elderly man to fall. The case was resolved for approximately $300,000.00.  

$250,000.00 Soft Tissue Injury - Slip/Fall Case

thefirm Sep 29, 2012

Our client suffered a soft tissue injury when she fell while bowling at the corporate defendant's bowling alley.

$250,000.00 Car Accident - Jaw Fracture - Liability and UM from the Same Policy

thefirm Sep 28, 2012

Our client was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident involving two vehicles. 

$225,000.00 Car Accident - Ankle Fracture - Excess Underinsured Motorist Coverage

thefirm Sep 27, 2012

Our client was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a fractured ankle.

$200,000.00 Soft Tissue Personal Injury - Auto Accident

thefirm Sep 26, 2012

Our client, a dentist, injured the soft tissue of his thumb in a minor car accident involving a large garbage truck. 

$200,000.00 Slip and Fall - Business Sidewalk

thefirm Sep 25, 2012

This case involved a woman who was walking into a place of business when she slipped on a slick sidewalk and injured her knee.

Motorcycle - Severed Leg

thefirm Sep 24, 2012

Our client was traveling the speed limit when another car invaded his right of way causing him to crash his motorcycle. 

Truck Accident - Wrongful Death

thefirm Sep 24, 2012

Our client was one of three 18-year-olds who were killed in a motor vehicle that was broad-sided by a semi-truck. 

Car Accident - Leg Amputation

thefirm Sep 23, 2012

Our client suffered leg injuries that required amputation. The driver who struck him had no injury liability coverage. 

Train Accident - Railroad Negligence - Wrongful Death

thefirm Sep 23, 2012

These wrongful death cases involved the tragic loss of a mother and child resulting from a train and automobile collision. 

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