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Have you ever heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? Dashcams or vehicle dashboard cameras may be your next best buy of 2020. As we have all seen in the past few months of this year, the totally unexpected can happen in an instant and the consequences of these unwelcome surprises can be lasting. The same is true of a car accident, which can leave you with the lasting effects of injury, damages, and liability. So how can a dashcam help protect you in an accident? How can a dash cam benefit you?

CBS News, Bill Gremminger, the owner of a dashcam company, and CBS News legal analyst Rikki Kliema discuss the benefits and information you need to know about dashcam recorders in a 2013 news segment. The consultants bring up a great point about the legality of recording in certain states. In Florida, the use of a dashcam and the subsequent footage is legal, so long as the camera does not obstruct your view of the windshield and is not audio enabled. Audio enabled Cams can violate Florida State statute 934.03, which protects against wiretapping in the state of Florida.

Dashcams can help rid you of liability in an accident. Dashcams record your accident, making it easy to see the driver who is at fault in an accident. This prevents the other driver from making false claims against you, which could also help expedite your claim. The camera can act as your eye witness in a situation when there likely isn’t a third party to validate your claim. This could also be helpful in proving your personal injury claim by providing video evidence of your accident.

Similarly, a dashcam could get you out of other troubles you may face on the road. A two-way camera records both you driving and the roadway ahead and behind you. This could be helpful in a case where you are pulled over for being a negligent driver, perhaps texting and driving. Your dashcam footage could help you dispute a claim in both traffic court when faced with a ticket and in a higher civil court when someone is claiming that you were negligent. 

The camera can also serve as your peace of mind when you have a new driver out on the road. A dashcam will allow a recording of your teenager driving, allowing you to review the footage and help your young driver improve his or her skills. In some cases, these cameras could even be used to prove your child is a safe driver, which may qualify them for an insurance discount.

The New York Times offers a great article entitled, Dash Cams That Can Back You Up in an Accident,” about where and what to buy when shopping for the best cam. They suggest not only what qualities to look for when buying, but also offer a few models to help you stay safe on the road! 

When you are claiming injures from a car or truck accident you have the burden of proof to prove the other driver was negligent or at fault.  A dashcam video is direct evidence and many times is the best evidence for proving liability, i.e., who is a fault in the crash.  There are many issues that can be uncertain and debated in a car accident, such as, speed of the vehicles or color of the traffic light.  A law enforcement officer is normally not there when an accident happens. The officer arrives later and investigates by taking statements ­­­of witnesses at the scene to decide who to issue a citation.  If you have a dashcam recording of the crash showing you’re not at fault, this powerful evidence should protect you and win your case.

At Moody Law, we understand the importance of being protected in the event of an accident. That’s why Moody Law is giving back by offering free gifts to local COVID-19 First Responders and Frontline Medical Professionals who are registered participants. This includes two free 4k Dash Cam Recorders, which will be raffled by drawing registered participants. Moody Law, P.A. recognizes the impact that the unexpected has brought this year with the COVID-19 Pandemic. We want to show our appreciation for those who have worked tirelessly for the benefit of others during these difficult times by honoring them with gift bags full of appreciation items and offering the chance to alleviate the impacts of a possible accident in their own lives. 

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