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Injured workerEmployers are meant to do their part to ensure a safe environment for their workers. Despite the numerous safety regulations that expand across various industries, millions of Americans are injured on the job each year. Workplace industries are responsible for substantial physical, emotional, and financial damages.

Workplace injury attorney Daniel D. Moody has helped many people in Lakeland, FL, Winter Haven, FL, and surrounding areas pursue financial compensation for damages related to injuries caused by recklessness or neglect. Here, he discusses the most common workplace injuries to affect his clients, and workers across the country.

Slips and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are a leading cause of workplace injury. It is estimated that roughly a third of workplace injuries are the result of a slip, trip, or fall. The types of injuries that result from slip and fall accidents vary in severity. While some workers may trip over a loose rug and suffer a minor sprain, others may fall from a significant height and suffer from broken bones or head, neck, or back injuries. Workplace slips and falls are often preventable and are commonly caused by wet floors, spills, loose cables, lifted carpeting, or poor lighting.

Struck-By Injuries

Another common cause of workplace injuries is struck-by or caught-between accidents. These types of accidents involve a person being hit by or getting caught in or between heavy machinery or equipment. These types of accidents are most common on construction sites, in factories, or in other industries, like farming, that involve frequent use of machinery.

Struck-by and caught-between accidents can result in injuries such as broken or crushed bones, organ damage, internal bleeding, or loss of limbs. Most often, these types of accidents and injuries are the result of poor training, neglect of safety protocols, or a lack of proper safety equipment.

Vehicle-Related Accidents

Vehicle accidents don't just happen outside of work. It is common for workers to be injured in accidents involving workplace vehicles (i.e. tractors, forklifts, dumptrucks, etc.), or while driving a vehicle for workplace deliveries or transportation. Vehicle accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, including cuts and contusions, broken bones, organ damage, and head injuries. Vehicle-related accidents are usually caused by reckless or negligent driving or operating practices.

Overexertion and Repetitive Stress Injuries

Not all workplace injuries stem from a singular event. It is common for workers to suffer injuries that stem from overexertion or repetitive stress. These types of injuries include muscle strains, carpal tunnel, and persistent back pain. Overexertion and repetitive stress injuries can often be avoided by teaching (and using) proper lifting techniques, the use of supportive gear, and appropriate breaks.

Fires and Explosions

Fires and explosions are not common in all lines of work, but they are a concern in certain industries, like construction and factory work. Fires and explosions can cause a wide range of injuries, including burns, damage from the inhalation of toxic fumes, hearing loss, and broken bones or other external injuries. It is vital that employers follow safety protocols and provide appropriate safety material to reduce the risk of a fire or explosion and minimize damages should an accident occur.

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Workplace injuries can cause substantial physical, emotional, and financial damages. If you have been injured in a workplace accident that was caused by recklessness or neglect, you may be due financial compensation for your losses. To discuss your case with attorney Daniel D. Moody, send us a message online or call our Lakeland law firm at (863) 284-9090.

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