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Settling a personal injury case rather than going to trial has a number of advantages. For one, settlements are usually quicker than completing a full civil jury trial. However, even though settlements take less time than full trials, they do take time.

Our Central Florida personal injury lawyers have negotiated settlements and taken cases all the way to trial. They have a strong understanding of what a case entails. The lawyers at our Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Tampa, FL, offices would like to weigh in and look at timeframes and timelines for settling an injury case.

Time Range for Settling a Personal Injury Case

Generally speaking, there is no set amount of time for a case to reach a settlement. The details of each case vary, and the more complex the case, the more time it will take to reach a settlement.

Is There an Average Amount of Time that Injury Cases Settle?

On the faster side, some injury cases may be settled in as little as six months, though it’s not uncommon for settlements to take one to two years.

What Affects the Amount of Time to Work Out a Settlement?

There are several factors that could extend the amount of time to reach a legal settlement. Many of them affect how much money is at stake.

  • The nature of the case - If you filed an auto collision lawsuit in which the crash was straightforward and the other driver was at fault, a settlement should be pretty quick and easy. If you were partially at fault in the crash, there could be some lengthy back and forth.
  • The nature of your injuries - Minor injuries will generally lead to quicker settlements. Assessing the extent of serious injuries will often require multiple professional opinions and diagnoses.
  • Long-term medical repercussions - Cases in which injuries have long-term repercussions will often take longer to settle. Both the extent of the injuries and the impact on quality of life will need to be reviewed.
  • The insurance company - If multiple insurance companies are involved in settlement negotiations, the time it takes for all parties to correspond and make offers or counteroffers can be extended.

Should I Take an Initial Offer to Speed Up the Settlement Process?

As a general rule, no. In a commercial trucking accident case, for example, the initial offer may be much lower than you could seek. The trucking company’s insurance provider may be trying to reduce their financial obligation.

You should consider any advice provided by your legal counsel in such matters since they will be more familiar with your case and have reasonable expectations about the settlement amount and the overall process.

Is it Worth Going to Trial Instead of Taking a Settlement?

If your case is simple and could lead to genuine and positive change, it may be worth taking your case all the way to court. The verdict is ultimately uncertain, which may make a settlement more tempting, however.

This is why it’s important to have proven attorneys on your side. They can help you determine if it’s worthwhile to go to trial and focus on getting you the best possible settlement.

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