Contingency Fee Attorneys Explained: What Are the Benefits? By Moody Law | Personal Injury Attorneys on October 30, 2023

man reading a letterIf another person’s negligence has caused you to become injured, you may be entitled to compensation. A personal injury lawyer can help recover financial compensation for your injuries and other damages. 

Some people forgo speaking with an attorney after an injury due to the fear of the costs of attorney fees. Seeking a contingency fee attorney is a good option in personal injury cases, especially for those who fear they won’t be able to afford an attorney.  

At Moody Law, our personal injury lawyers in Lakeland, FL, and Winter Haven, FL, work on contingency for personal injury cases. This means you won’t pay attorney fees unless we recover compensation for your damages. 

What Are Contingency Fees?

The word “contingency” basically describes something that may or may not happen. Contingency fees for attorneys are payments for services that are paid if the attorney wins their client’s case or settles outside of court. 

Contingency fees are not paid if the attorney doesn’t win the case or recover compensation through a settlement. 

How Much Are Contingency Fees? 

The amount a client owes their attorney for contingency fees will depend on the agreement between the two parties. Typically contingency fees are a percentage of the amount recovered through a settlement or court case. 

Why Choose a Contingency Fee Attorney?

Contingency fee attorneys don’t get paid unless they win their client’s case or reach a settlement. This arrangement provides many benefits to choosing to hire a contingency fee attorney. Some benefits include:

  • Levels the playing field: Suing someone can be very expensive, which can make it impossible for people without much money to recover the compensation they deserve. Hiring a contingency fee attorney can help level the playing field by giving those who can’t afford an attorney outright the opportunity to sue negligent parties. Attorney fees are only due if the case is won or a settlement is reached.  
  • Motivated to win: Contingency fee attorneys are motivated to win and work hard for their clients so that they may recover the maximum settlement and recover their contingency fees. 
  • No attorney fees if no recovery is obtained: Clients who use a contingency fee attorney won’t owe attorney fees if they do not win their case or reach a settlement. This lowers the financial risk to injured parties who may already be facing a financial strain due to their injuries. 
  • Strong cases: Contingency attorneys typically only accept cases they believe have strong legal merit. This is because contingency attorneys don’t get paid unless they recover compensation for their clients. Choosing strong cases they believe in increases the likelihood of winning a case or reaching a settlement for their client. 

Contact the Personal Injury Attorneys of Moody Law

Don’t let the fear of attorney fees prevent you from seeking the compensation you deserve for your injuries. At Moody Law, our personal injury attorneys work on contingency so you won’t be charged for professional services unless we recover compensation for your injuries and other damages. For more information or to discuss your claim, schedule a free consultation with one of our Lakeland personal injury attorneys today. 

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