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At Moody Law, we are committed to holding negligent parties liable for their reckless actions. In the event that you have lost a loved one due to wrongful death, our attorneys will handle your legal needs and provide sound legal guidance in the days, weeks, and even months following your loss. We encourage you to contact the attorneys of Moody Law, who will show you compassion and give you quality representation.

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In Florida, we have a very distinct set of rules under the Wrongful Death Statute, and these requirements are first, that the court must appoint a personal representative. The personal representatives brings the action on behalf of the survivors, and if the personal representative is qualified to serve, and it's important, the personal representative is duly authorized to bring the claim and satisfy the claim in terms of the settlement with the at-fault party. But that will be one of the first steps in a wrongful death case is to have the appropriate person appointed as the personal representative in the estate to bring the action on behalf of the survivors. We assist clients in appointing the personal representative. We file all the paperwork, which basically is a petition to appoint the personal representative and to begin the probate of the estate. Once that order is in place, then we can bring claims. We can assist the client in whatever need needs to be, assist the personal representative, and hopefully getting that family back together and back on track. If you have a family member or a loved one who has died as a result of someone else's negligence, my firm would be more than happy to talk to you at no charge. There is no fee unless there is a recovery in the case. We can consult with you, and if there is a case there and we think that we can help you, then certainly we are happy to do that and happy to try and mend your family as best we can.

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