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As a licensed pilot, attorney Dan Moody is committed to upholding the standards of the aviation community and enforcing FAA laws and regulations. If you have been wrongfully injured in an aviation accident, the attorneys of Moody Law can determine the best way to pursue your claim and diligently work to bring you and your family justice.

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Daniel: I think one reason why clients hire me in these cases is because I am a licensed pilot, that is part of my background, part of me. I've been flying since the early '90s. I'm an instrument rated pilot. I fly routinely not only for pleasure but also, for business around the state and I'm familiar with the ins and outs, if you will, of aviation, what is required in what can result in causing an aviation crash. There can be any number of reasons why planes crash. The number one reason is a pilot error, the pilot in command, the person flying the airplane may do something wrong, such as, forget to turn on a fuel selector. He may lose control of the airplane. He may not keep his airspeed appropriately high and have the airplanes stall with him. There can be a variety of reasons why a pilot can lose control and the plane will crash. Another cause for an aviation crash, that we look into, is whether not the air traffic controller acted appropriately. In some cases, not all cases but in some cases, because most aviation accidents are weather related, the air traffic controller will not properly steer the airplane and control the airplane and sometimes will inadvertently vector, if you will, or steer the airplane into bad weather and not properly advise the pilot of bad weather.

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