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Any damage to the spinal cord can cause inhibited motor functions and paralysis. The attorneys of Moody Law can offer sound legal advice regarding life-altering injuries and build the most compelling case possible on behalf of those affected.

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Daniel: The spinal cord runs from the brain down into the lower lumbar in the back. It's the main highway or communication line for the brain to various parts of the body through to the nervous system. If any part of that spinal cord is compressed or damaged, it can disrupt the flow of information from the brain to the various parts of the body. Now, when that occurs, it usually results in some form of paralysis, what we call a nerve type of injury. With regard to the peripheral nerves, if the peripheral nerves are injured, there is a chance of rejuvenation. Those nerves can be rejuvenated. However, if it's a direct blow to the spinal cord itself, then the spinal cord does not regenerate, and there's a very small chance that the patient will be healed. You've heard the term "paraplegic" or "quadriplegic". Those all are injuries due to injury to the spinal cord. Those are very devastating, very life-altering injuries, not only, again, to the patient themselves, but also to the patient's family. In the past, we've litigated many of these cases involving spinal cord injuries. In fact, we've had numerous cases where people have been paralyzed, not only from the chest down, but from the lower extremities down. Those types of injuries to a patient are very, very devastating to everyone involved. So it's important that when someone is injured, and they do have a spinal cord injury that the right lawyer is selected for that case in order to get the right recovery and the right compensation.

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