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A rear-end auto accidentAuto accidents can lead to a whole host of catastrophic and even fatal injuries. When another motorist's reckless or negligent behavior causes your collision, it's important that you hold them legally liable for injuries, medical bills, and other losses. Our Lakeland attorneys have years of experience dealing with auto accident lawsuits, many of which involve speeding in some fashion.

Since speeding is such a common factor in motor vehicle collisions, we want to take a moment to discuss why speeding is so dangerous and the risks it poses to people on the road.

Statistic on Speeding and Auto Accidents

Studies have found that speeding is the third leading cause of motor vehicle crashes in the United States. In fact, exceeding the speed limit plays a role in roughly 33 percent of all fatal auto collisions every year in this country. This means approximately 13,000 fatalities annually. As a society, Americans wind up paying up to $40 billion each year because of speeding-related accidents.

Common Reasons Drivers Speed

There are many reasons why a person may speed. We'll cover some additional reasons in greater detail, but some common explanations for speeding include:

  • Driver was late or in a hurry
  • Failure to note the posted speed limit
  • Ignorance about the dangers of speeding
  • They thought they could get away with it
  • Drunk or intoxicated driving

Speeding is Common in Reckless Driving and Road Rage

Many people who drive recklessly tend to exceed the speed limit. This is especially true for cases of road rage. In addition to frequent lane changes and cutting people off, aggressive drivers tend to far exceed the posted speed limit, putting many people on the road at risk.

Tailgating and Speeding

Speeding tends to lead a tailgating, which means following behind a vehicle ahead of you too closely. Tailgating increases your risk of a rear-end collision, especially when driving on highways and/or at high speeds. There is simply not enough room to brake and slow down safely to avoid a collision.

Speeding Trends Among Men and Boys

There are cultural and gender propensities when it comes to speeding. Statistics find that teenage boys and young men are more likely to speed than women and older male motorists. Statistics found that 39 percent of male drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 that died in collisions were speeding at the time.

For parents, it's imperative that you teach your teenage children (especially boys) to respect the rules of the road.

Speeding Can Make Collisions Much Worse

With added speed, the severity of a collision can be much, much worse. This is simply a matter of tragic physics. Greater speed means a more forceful impact, increasing the risk of a fatal collision occurring.

Always Follow the Posted Speed Limit

Street signs and speed limits are in place for a reason. Whenever you are behind the wheel, be sure to following the speed limit. If others around you are speeding, allow them to pass you or get out of their way. It's better to be safe than sorry.

When a speeding motorist is being especially reckless, you can report that vehicle to authorities. Only do so when you are safely off the road and stopped.

Learn More About Auto Accident Lawsuits

For more information about your legal rights and options following a serious motor vehicle collision, we encourage you to contact the accident attorneys of Moody Law today. We will help you and your loved ones in your time of legal need.

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