Insurance Adjusters Use Computer Software in Evaluating Claims

Car Insurance Claims

Dec 4, 2016 — by Chris Russo
Tags: Personal Injury

Insurance company adjusters are using various software programs to decide what your claim is worth on a number of factors.  At Moody Law, our attorneys can help guide you as to what will increase the value of your case and what will not.

While you can't change the injuries that you received in an accident, you can make sure that you get credit for all the injuries that you have by making the insurance adjuster aware of all of the CPT codes and the impact your injuries have on your life.  The CPT codes need to be available to the adjuster so that the adjuster can input this information into their database computer system.  This is normally available in medical billing charts but is sometimes only available on forms that were submitted to your own insurance company for payment.  This cataloging process is very important in the overall output that you receive in the form of a money offer from the insurance company.  If information is missing, not inputted, glossed over, or not properly mentioned, then you may not be getting full credit and value for your claim.

As your attorneys, what we do for you is help you choose a doctor who follows best practices in the industry and is willing to obtain the consultations that you will need to support your claim.  For instance, most automobile accident claims require an MRI and a visit with a medical doctor in addition to the chiropractic or physical therapy.  For an insurance company to take your claim seriously, they want to see that there is some objective evidence of injury, usually on an x-ray or MRI film, that supports the physical complaints that you are having.  In addition, medical claims in personal injury cases are supported by testimony.  In order to have credible testimony regarding your injuries, you should have physicians with the credentials that match the expertise that is offered.  An insurance company will defend a personal injury case with a separate physician within each specialty addressed by the claim.  Many attorneys have said that your case is only as good as the medical records say so.

Another role for your attorney is to tell the story of what happened to you and why your life is different with the injury that you have.  The insurance adjuster on your case needs to know that you are incapable of performing certain activities or, if you can still do them, then you can only do it with pain.  These details are also very important in conveying your case to a jury because the insurance company is likely to say that any injury that you suffered healed in 8-12 weeks and that there is no permanency.

Many of the software programs used by insurance companies have over 10,000 different variables that can be input to place a value on your case.  If you want to get the most out of your case, you should hire an attorney who knows how to help you do that and has what it takes to go to bat for you if the insurance company does not offer you what you deserve for your personal injury case.  Call us today for a free case review and we will help you get started in the right direction.

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